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Sound Level Meters in Ghana

NoiseMeters Ghana supplies a large range of sound level meters, noise dosimeters and environmental noise monitoring systems to customers throughout Ghana and neighboring regions.

Noise Meters in Ghana -

Most Popular Products

We have supplied a number of different noise monitors to customers in the oil, gas and general industries in Ghana, but the most popular recently have been:

Product   Description  
NM102 doseBadge noise dosimeter

Low Cost Sound Level Meter
Ideal for simple noise surveys and assessments.

dBadge doseBadge noise dosimeter dBadge Noise Dosimeter in a very small and robust package
Mounts on the worker's shoulder and monitors their noise exposure
dBadge I.S. doseBadge noise dosimeter dBadge Noise dosimeter - INTRINSICALLY SAFE
For hazardous and explosive atmospheres with ATEX and EEx approval.
CEL620 integrating sound level meter Type 2 Integrating Sound Level Meter for Noise at Work Assessments
Ideal for noise at work assessments in line with the various international standards.
CEL633 data logging sound level meter Class 1 Advanced Data Logging Environmental Sound Level Meter
Stores noise measurements for download, analysis and reporting. 1/3 Octave option.
SoundEar II
real-time octave band filters Industrial Noise Warning Sign
Inform staff when the time has come to fit hearing protection.


The prices on the website are all in US Dollars, but we are happy to work in other currencies too. These prices do not include delivery (see below).

Payment can be made by credit card, cheque or bank transfer.

Delivery, Duty, Tax

The full list of delivery charges can be seen on the Delivery Charges page. When shipped by FedEx or DHL, the charge for a Sound Level Meter is USD $82 and for a Noise Measurement Kit (meter, calibrator, carrying case, etc.) is USD $98. Shipping by EMS of the lower cost sound level meters, such as the NM102, is just USD $41.

The prices and delivery charges do not include any import duty or local taxes that may be due. A door-to-door service with import duty paid by NoiseMeters is available. There is an extra charge for this service to cover the duty so please contact us for more details.

If you want more information about any import duty then please contact your Customs Office. The Harmonized Tariff Code for a sound level meter is 902780.

More Information

For more information on buying a sound level meter or noise dosimeter in Ghana, please contact


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