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Intrinsically Safe dBadge Noise Dosimeter - Newsletter March 2011

The very popular dBadge Noise Dosimeter is now available with Intrinsically Safe approval for use in hazardous and explosive atmospheres, such as mining, oil refineries and other manufacturing facilities.

The dBadge meets the strict ATEX directive and has EEx certification, North American and Canadian FM/CSA approval.

The I.S. dBadge can be supplied in kits including any number of noise dosimeter, but the standard offerings are:

Order Code Description Price
CEL350ISK1 Kit with 1 Intrinsically Safe Noise Dosimeter
CEL350ISK2 Kit with 2 Intrinsically Safe Noise Dosimeters
CEL350ISK3 Kit with 3 Intrinsically Safe Noise Dosimeters
CEL350ISK5 Kit with 5 Intrinsically Safe Noise Dosimeters
CEL350ISK10 Kit with 10 Intrinsically Safe Noise Dosimeters

Each kit contains the following items:

For more information please visit the Intrinsically Safe Noise Dosimeter web page or contact us on

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