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new sound level metersThe New Quantifier Sound Level Meters

To add to the Pulsar Assessor range of meters we now have the new Quantifier. with a much larger memory, wider measurement range and advanced timing functions, this instrument has all the features of the Assessor but is designed to be more capable in the environmental noise monitoring arena.

Three basic models are available - standard, octave band and 1/3 octave band, with Type 1 and Type 2 versions available for each:








Standard Sound Level Meter

Pulsar 91 Type 1 Environmental noise. Acoustic professional. $2394.00 Product page...
Pulsar 92 Type 2 Noise at Work. General purpose noise measurement. $1759.00 Product page...

Sound Level Meter with Octave Band Filters

Pulsar 93 Type 1 Mixture of environmental and professional noise at work. $2968.00 Product page...
Pulsar 94 Type 2 Ideal for noise at work measurement for particularly high levels. $2288.00 Product page...

Sound Level Meter with 1/3 Octave Band Filters

Pulsar 95 Type 1 Top of the range. Professional and environmental noise. $3780.00 Product page...
Pulsar 96 Type 2 Industrial noise where more detailed information is required. $3056.00 Product page...


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