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System Integration and Interfacing

Many of the sound level meters and noise monitors we offer have the ability to output their results, making it possible to link them to an existing monitoring system or to develop custom software. Meters are available with the following outputs:

If you need more detailed information about interfacing with the sound level meters then please call or contact us by email. We have engineers available with experience of interfacing with these meters who can offer advice and support.

DC Voltage Output

This type of output provides a DC voltage that is proportional to the measured sound level.

DC Voltage Output

dc output

4-20mA Current Loop

Current loop is a common way of interfacing with process control systems.

Current Loop Output

4-20ma current loop


AC Output

The audio signal from the microphone, amplified but otherwise unprocessed. For recording and analysis systems.

AC Output

ac output

RS232 Output

Standard RS232 serial link, with noise measurements sent as text/csv format for simple decoding.

RS232 Serial Output

rs232 sound level meter interface

Advice and Support

Choosing a sound level meter or noise monitor that meets the acoustic specifications and with the right output can be a little daunting. We know the meters well and have plenty of experience of interfacing with them and writing custom software. If you need advice or just confirmation that the meter you have selected is the most suitable or cost effective then please contact us on


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