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Noise in Offices and Call Centers

Noise in offices, call centers, libraries and schools usually comes from people speaking too loudly or moving equipment around. Rather than leaving it to a manager's perception of the noise levels, an noise warning system can automatically remind staff and visitors to keep their noise down to a minimum. We offer a range of solutions from wall mounted signs to PC based systems.

SoundEar Noise Warning Sign - $462.00

The SoundEar is a wall mounted sign that lights up to indicate when the noise levels are too high in the office or call centre. The green lights are always lit, just as a reminder. When the levels get close to the limit the yellow lights come on. When the limit is exceeded the red lights come on.

SoundEar Noise Warning Sign $462.00  

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SoundEar II Noise Warning Sign - $561.00

The latest version of the popular SoundEar Noise Warning Sign. When the sound levels get high, first the yellow part lights up, followed by the red light when the noise limit is passed. This new version of the sign works in a similar way to the older SoundEar, but is in a cleaner, minimalist design.

SoundEar II Noise Warning Sign $561.00  

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SoundEar 3 Noise Warning Sign - $1235.00

The SoundEar 3 is visually very similar to the SoundEar 2, with the addition of a digital display to show the sound level in dB. However, it has more advanced settings with multiple trigger levels and the night mode for lower levels and lighting at night. This is a data logging sign that comes complete with software to download the results.

SoundEar 3 Noise Warning Sign  $1235.00  

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SoundEar 3-320 Noise Processor - $980.00

For low-key, long term noise monitoring, the SoundEar 3-320 can be mounted on the wall, where it can display the sound level on its digital display, or it can be set to show the time, temperature or nothing at all. It stores the sound levels for download to a computer or it can be linked to process control or monitoring system via 4-20mA loop or DC 0-10V output.

SoundEar 3-320 Noise Processor  $980.00  

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