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CEL242 Sound Level Meter with Data Logging

data logging sound level meter cel-242 - order options
CEL242 Sound Level Meter

Options and Order Codes

The CEL242 Logging Sound Level Meter can be purchased on its own or with a selection of accessories. The CEL242-K Kit contains the meter, windshield, carrying case and a Calibrator, as required by many noise measurement applications.

CEL240-K noise kit CEL242-K Noise Measurement Kit: $1112.00
Includes the Type 2 Digital Sound Level Meter, Windshield, Acoustic Calibrator and Carrying Case.
dB24 Software dB24 Software: $74.00
Windows software that provides real-time display of sound levels.

The items are available to be purchased individually:

cel240 digital sound level meter CEL242 Sound Level Meter: $649.00
Just the Type 2 Digital Sound Level Meter, for applications that do not require the use of a Calibrator.
cel120 calibrator CEL120/2 Sound Level Calibrator: $365.00
For checking the function of the meter before making measurements as required by many regulations.
sound level meter windshield CEL6841 Foam Windshield: $14.00
Reduces wind noise and protects the microphone.
sound level meter case CEL6840 Carrying Case: $107.00
Space for the meter, calibrator and windshield.


Logging Type 2 Sound Level Meter
In stock
Kit with Meter, Calibrator and Case
In stock
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CEL24x Range

Sound Level Meter
From $423.00
Logging Sound Meter
From $649.00
Logging Integrating Meter
From $855.00

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Prices and Ordering

The sound level meter is available alone or as part of a Kit, which includes Meter, Calibrator and Carrying Case.

Order Code
Price (USD)
Data Logging Type 2 / Class 2 Sound Level Meter
In stock
Kit with CEL242 Sound Level Meter, Calibrator, Windshield, Case
In stock
NoiseMeters Applications Web Based Noise Reports
In stock
Software for the CEL240 Series Sound Level Meters
In stock


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