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Noise Dosimeter and Hand-Held Noise Meter Combinations

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Noise Dosimeter or Sound Level Meter?

For occupational noise measurement either a dosimeter or a sound level meter can often be used to achieve the same result: the measurement of noise and calculation of a worker's time weighted average, or TWA. In some workplaces it is better to use a hand-held sound level meter, while in others the best option is to use a noise dosimeter mounted on the worker. Here are some guidelines:

Use a dosimeter when the worker is moving around continuously, or between many different locations. A dosimeter is also a better option when the worker is in a location that makes the use of a hand-held meter difficult, such as confined spaces or the cab on moving machinery. Finally, a dosimeter can take much less time to use as you do not have to follow the worker around while making measurements. This is particularly important when monitoring the noise exposure of large numbers of workers.

dosimeter and noise meter combination kits

Use a sound level meter to make quick and accurate spot-checks of the noise levels. A hand-held meter is ideal when people are only working at a few fixed locations - you measure at each and calculate the exposure as a Time Weighted Average. When the noise levels are particularly high a more advanced meter should be used to assess the level at the ear when wearing hearing protectors. The greatest benefit when using a sound level meter rather than a dosemeter is that you are present when the noise occurs, so you can assess if the sound levels are representative of normal operations.

Standard Combination Kits

We can create many combinations of sound level meter and dosimeter but the following are the most popular, covering most applications. Otherwise, you can create your own kit using our Custom Combination Kit tool.



  Benefits Order Code
dosimeter and sound level meter kit Economy Combination Kit
Includes two doseBadges and the popular NM102 Sound Level Meter. More...
  Ideal when you need a sound level meter to make quick measurements with the doseBadge to make the full noise assessment. CMB102/2
dosebadge and integrating noise meter kit Integrating Combination Kit
Includes three doseBadges, an Integrating Sound Level Meter and a calibrator. More...
  The Integrating Noise Meter is ideal for making manual measurements and the doseBadge assesses the workers daily noise exposure. CMB162A/3
dosimeter and octave band sound level meter Octave Band Combination Kit
Includes three doseBadges, an Octave Band Sound Level Meter and a calibrator. More...
  The doseBadges are used to assess workers daily exposure and the octave band meter to help select the correct hearing protector. CMB162C/3
dosebadge dosimeter with octave band analyser Custom Combination Kit
Select between one and ten doseBadges along with the sound level meter to suit your application. More...
  The doseBadges are used to assess a worker's daily exposure and a sound level meter to suit. Custom




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