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Noise Dosimeter and Hand-Held Noise Meter Combinations

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Create a Custom Combination Kit

Our Combination Kits include a sound level meter any a number of doseBadge noise dosemeters, giving the flexibility to measure the noise levels manually with the hand-held meter and to make automatic long term measurements of the actual noise exposure with the dosemeters.

Select a Sound Level Meter

nm102 sound level meter   optimus sound level meter  

Ordering Information

Low Cost   Optimus Red    

Select the Noise Dosemeters

Number of doseBadges:

Also Included in the Kit

carrying case doseBadge Reader and Calibrator dosebadge charger dosebadge software
optimus software
Carrying Case
doseBadge Reader
and Calibrator
Calibrator for
Sound Level Meter
Software for
Sound Level Meter



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