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Noise Dosimeter and Hand-Held Noise Meter Combinations

  Overview Economy Integrating Octave Band Custom  

Economy Combination Kit

  • Application - smaller business with mobile workers
    • Quick noise level checks using the sound level meter
    • Detailed noise at work assessment using the two doseBadges
  • Kit includes
    • 2 x doseBadge Noise Dosemeter
    • Low Cost Sound Level Meter
economy noise combination kit

The Economy Combination Kit is ideal for smaller industries with a lower number of mobile workers. The full noise assessment is made using the doseBadge Noise Dosimeters, which are of the correct grade and accuracy for this application.

The NM102 Noise Meter can be used for making quick spot checks of the noise levels, while the doseBadges are used for the actual exposure measurements.

CMB102/2 Kit Contents

  • Noise Dosimeters:
    • 2 x doseBadge Noise Dosimeters (mount on the worker's shoulder)
    • Reader unit (downloads measurements from the doseBadges)
    • doseBadge Calibrator (built into the Reader unit)
    • Charger (charges both doseBadges at the same time)
    • doseBadge software and download cable.
    • Calibration certificates for doseBadges and Reader/Calibrator
  • NM102 Sound Level Meter
  • Carrying Case
economy noise measurement kit


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