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Noise Dosimeter and Hand-Held Noise Meter Combinations

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Octave Band Combination Kit

  • Application - measuring high noise exposure of mobile and stationary workers
    • Workers daily noise exposure is monitored using the doseBadges
    • Spot checks and hearing protector assessment made using the meter
  • Kit includes
    • 5 x doseBadge Noise Dosimeters
    • Octave Band, Data Logging, Integrating Sound Level Meter
    • Sound Level Calibrator
octave band sound level meter and noise dosimeters

The Octave Band Combination Kit is ideal for applications with mobile and stationary workers, where the noise levels and exposure can sometimes be extremely high (greater than 95 dBA). At such high levels care should be taken when selecting the best hearing protectors.

The doseBadge noise dosemeters can be used to monitor the workers' daily noise exposure, being particularly suited for very mobile workers and those in environments where it is difficult to use a sound level meter.

The Optimus Red Sound Level Meter can be used for spot checks and monitoring stationary workers. When the noise levels are very high the Real-Time Octave Band Measurements can be downloaded to a computer (using the cable and software included) and hearing protection calculations are made automatically. Using this method you can assess whether the hearing protection is adequate for the sound levels and frequency content of the noise.

CMB162C/5 Kit Contents

  • Noise Dosimeters:
    • 5 x doseBadge Noise Dosimeters (mount on the workers shoulder)
    • Reader unit (downloads measurements from the doseBadges)
    • doseBadge Calibrator (built into the Reader unit)
    • Charger (charges all three doseBadges at the same time)
    • doseBadge software and download cable.
    • Calibration certificates for doseBadges and Reader/Calibrator
  • Sound Level Meter:
    • CR162C Type 2 Logging, Integrating, Octave Band Sound Level Meter
    • CR514 Type 2 Sound Level Calibrator
    • Software (includes hearing protector calculations)
    • Calibration certificates for the sound level meter and calibrator
  • Carrying Case
octave band noise measurement kit


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