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CR262A Integrating Sound Level Meter

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Data Logging Option

The UP260 option for the CR262A Sound Level Meter adds the ability to store measurements for download to a computer. This option includes the upgrade to the meter, a USB download cable and the Deaf Defier software.

This option can be ordered at the same time as the meter or it can be purchased at a later date, in which case the upgrade will be sent to you and there is no need to return the meter to the factory.

The Deaf Defier software supplied with the UP260 upgrade offers the following features

  • Downloads noise measurements from the sound level meter
  • Store measurements in folders for convenience
  • Enter Comments and Notes for each measurement
  • Display measurements individually or in a tabular format
  • Graphical display of Time History (as shown on right)
  • Print reports for noise at work and environmental surveys
  • Exposure calculations for occupational noise applications
  • Advanced Instrument configuration and setup options
  • Enhanced Export functions
logging upgrade for integrating sound level meter
connect sound level meter to computer

The upgraded sound level meter connects to the computer using the cable supplied. The Deaf Defier software will display all the measurements that are currently stored in the meter's memory.

You can select the noise measurements to download or opt to download them all. The measurements can be stored in separate folders to help to organise your work.

Once downloaded, the noise measurements are displayed in both a tabular and graphical format. The numerical values for the measurement are listed down the left side and include the time, date, duration and measurement range along with the Time and Frequency Weightings used for each parameter.

Calculations and Reports

The Deaf Defier software can calculate a worker's daily noise exposure LEP,d in line with the EU Physical Agents (Noise) Directive. Standard reports can be produced and sent to a printer, to a JPEG image or to a PDF file for emailing.

Exporting Noise Measurements

The measurements can be exported in many formats. In particular, the tabular data can be sent to Excel or Word format for further analysis or inclusion in reports. If the standard reports that are built into Deaf Defier do not satisfy your needs then the export option gives all the flexibility that you need.

noise at work report




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