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Octave Band Integrating Sound Level Meter - Type 1 to ANSI S1.4

The CR:263A Type 1 Integrating Sound Level Meter has been very carefully designed to be easy to use but provide the functions needed for professional noise measurements.

  • Type 1 to ANSI S1.4, IEC 60651, IEC 60804 and IEC 61672-1:2002 Class 1
  • Simultaneous Leq, SPL, Lmax  and Peak
  • Built in serial Octave Band Filters
  • Measurement Range
    • Broadband: 24 to 140 dB(A), 143 dB(C) Peak
    • Octave Bands: 15 to 140 dB(Z)
  • Large and clear display with backlight
  • Rugged lightweight cast aluminum case
  • Recalls the last measurement
  • Battery life > 24 hours
  • Upgradable for more measurements and data storage


With Type 1 precision this meter is ideal for almost any noise monitoring application. As well as the usual "broadband" A weighted measurements, it has built in octave band filters. The filters scan automatically and repeatedly to built up a full spectrum of the noise, split into the 10 octave bands.

octave band meter - type 1

Simple and Quick

Just calibrate, press Start, wait for the level to settle, press Stop. At any time you can read both the LAeq and the LCPeak from the large backlit display. You can even switch off, return to your office, switch on and recall the last measurement made.

Upgrade Options

Data Storage and Download - The UP:260 Upgrade provides data storage and download ability. More measurement functions are available including additional time and frequency weightings, timed measurements and 1 second resolution time history function. Just order the upgrade option UP:260. Read more...

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