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CR811C Advanced Integrating Sound Level Meter

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Similar Sound Level Meters and Noise Dosemeters

Product   Description Price
CR812C data logging sound level meter Type 2 Integrating, Data Logging Sound Level Meter
When the extra precision of the Type 1 meter is not needed.
CR261A integrating meter with octave band filters Type 1 Integrating Sound Level Meter
For noise surveys that do not require data logging and computer download.
CR831C data logging meter with octave band filters Data Logging Sound Level Meter with Octave Band Filters
Storage and octave band filters for automatic hearing protector selection
Pulsar30 real-time octave band filters Data Logging Sound Level Meter with Real-Time Octave Band Filters
Quicker and easier octave band measurements for hearing protector selection
CR110A doseBadge noise dosimeter Noise dosemeter with Lepd, TWA, Leq, Lavg, Peak in a very small and robust package
Mounts on the worker's shoulder and monitors their actual exposure to noise.
Outdoor outdoor noise monitoring Outdoor and Weatherproof Sound Level Meter Kits
For short and medium term noise monitoring in poor weather conditions
CR261S vehicle exhaust noise Vehicle Exhaust Noise Sound Level Meter
Measuring the noise from cars, trucks and motorcycles



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