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CR811C Advanced Integrating Sound Level Meter

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Making Measurements with the Sound Level Meter

This Type 1 meter is ideal for most environmental and community noise measurement, industrial noise surveys, and many other applications such as occupational "noise at work" assessments.

The noise measurement process usually consists of:

  • Checking the meter's calibration. This is important for any measurements that may be used for legal purposes.
  • Making the measurements, either manual or automatic, repeating measurements.
  • Viewing the noise measurement results.
  • Presenting reports.
calibrating the sound level meter

Checking the Calibration

  1. Fit the calibrator onto the microphone as shown opposite.
  2. Switch the Calibrator on.
  3. Select Calibrate in the menu and press OK.

The meter will automatically check its calibration and make any adjustments. If there are any major problems with the meter or microphone capsule it will report an error.

The results of the calibration are stored and can be viewed on the display or downloaded using the software provided.

making manual noise measurements

Making a Basic Noise Measurement

  1. Position the microphone.
  2. Select a suitable measurement range using the range key key.
  3. Press the Run key to start the measurement.
  4. To finish the measurement press the Stop key.

The results of the measurement can be read from the display. The measurement is automatically stored so that it can be viewed again later or it can be downloaded to the software.

environmental noise measurement

Making Automatic Timed Measurements

The Sound Level Meter can be set to make automatic and repeating noise measurements. To make long measurements easier the meter can be mounted on a standard camera tripod (option CT1).

  1. Using the menu options, set the measurement time (e.g. 15 minutes).
  2. Select the Repeat option to make multiple noise measurements.
  3. Press the Run key to start the meter running.

The Sound Level Meter will now make repeating measurements, automatically storing each one. The resulting measurements can be viewed later on screen or downloaded to a computer using the software supplied.

connect sound level meter to computer

Viewing the Noise Measurements

The noise measurements can be viewed on the meter's display or you can connect the meter to a computer and download them using the software and cable that are included.

The Deaf Defier software can store the results for further analysis and present various noise reports. For more information please visit the software web page.




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