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CR812C Advanced Integrating Sound Level Meter

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Similar Sound Level Meters and Noise Dosemeters

Product   Description Price
CR110A doseBadge noise dosimeter Noise dosemeter with Lepd, LEX8hr, Leq and Peak in a very small and robust package
Mounts on the worker's shoulder and monitors their actual exposure to noise.
CR262A integrating meter with octave band filters Class 2 Integrating Sound Level Meter
For basic noise at work surveys that do not require data logging and computer download.
CR811C data logging sound level meter Class 1 Integrating, Data Logging Sound Level Meter
When extra precision is needed. For environmental noise surveys and low noise levels.
CR822C data logging meter with octave band filters Data Logging Sound Level Meter with Octave Band Filters
Storage and octave band filters for automatic hearing protector selection
Pulsar30-2 real-time octave band filters Data Logging Sound Level Meter with Real-Time Octave Band Filters
Quicker and easier octave band measurements for hearing protector selection
NoiseSign noise sign Noise Warning Sign with Data Logging and Remote Display options
Lights up when the noise exceeds the set level. For both "noisy" and "quiet" places.
SE2EAR noise activated warning sign SoundEar Noise Activated Warning Sign
Shows when the noise levels have gone over a preset limit.


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