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doseBadge Noise Dosimeter

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doseBadge for Measuring a Worker's Exposure to Noise

The doseBadge is a noise dosimeter that mounts on the worker's shoulder, monitoring the noise exposure throughout the working shift.

  • Strong cast alloy case
  • No wires to catch on machinery
  • No controls that encourage tampering
  • Simultaneous Lavg, TWA, Leq, LEP,d and Peak
  • "A" frequency weighting with "C" weighting for Peak
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Time history gives a graph of noise levels
doseBadge noise dosimeter
doseBadge Noise Dosimeter
doseBadge for occupational noise measurements

The doseBadge system is the perfect solution for the measurement of a worker's exposure to noise.  The badge is small and light, with no cable or controls (all control is via infra-red).  There is also a huge cost saving where multiple dosemeters are required.

As the doseBadge has no display or controls, the Reader unit is used to calibrate, start and stop measurements and display the results. doseBadge measurement kits contain charging units that charge all the doseBadges at the same time.

For more information on how the doseBadge works, please visit the How to Use the doseBadge page.


Why Use a Dosimeter?

When it comes to measuring noise in the workplace, there are two options: a hand-held sound level meter or a noise dosimeter. The dosemeter (like the doseBadge) is the best option when workers are moving between locations, between different pieces of machinery, or are working in an area that makes it difficult or dangerous to follow them round with a sound level meter. In these cases, rather than making lots of spot measurements with a sound level meter and then calculating the worker's noise exposure (TWA), a dosimeter monitors for the full working shift and provides you with these parameters.

If you need both a sound level meter and noise dosimeters then please have a look at our Combination Kits.

Regulations and Standards

The doseBadge can be used to measure a worker's exposure to noise in most parts of the world. For use in the USA the doseBadge is usually set to run in OSHA, MSHA, AICHE or ACGIH mode. For Europe it is run in the ISO setting. The doseBadge has two channels, and so can, for example, run in both OSHA and ISO 3dB at the same time. The individual settings can be changed very easily to meet most other regulations. Please visit the Regulations page for more information.

  • Standards: IEC 61252 and ANSI S1.25 Type 2
  • Suitable for ISO, OSHA, MSHA, AICHE and ACGIH noise applications
    • USA OSHA Noise Regulations
  • ISO (3dB) for European, Canadian and other country's Noise at Work measurements
    • EU Physical Agents (Noise) Directive 2003/10/EC
  • Intrinsically Safe (ATEX and EEx) version available

The doseBadge Product Web Site has more information about the noise dosimeter

Additional Documentation

doseBadge Datasheet (PDF, 721k)
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