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Custom doseBadge Noise Dosimeter Kit


Select the items to make up your doseBadge Kit. Software and Download Cable are always included with the Reader.

dosebadge noise dosemeter doseBadges The actual noise dosimeters that mount on the worker's shoulder to measure the noise levels. Each doseBadge includes a mount to fix it to the worker's clothes.
dosebadge reader Reader You need a Reader to control the doseBadges and to download data. The Calibrator is built in to the Reader. One Reader can deal with any number of doseBadges.
dosebadge charger Chargers This charges the battery in each doseBadge. One charger can charge five doseBadges at the same time in less than 2.5 hours.
carrying case Carrying Case   The carrying case holds up to 10 doseBadge and all the accessories. If you do not want a case then the parts will be delivered in a box with custom foam.
dosebadge keyfob Keyfob   Can be used to start and stop the doseBadges. It does not Read, Calibrate or Reset them.
dosemeter wind shield Wind Shields   These foam wind shields cover the whole of the doseBadge and reduce the wind noise. Also offers extra protection against knocks, showers and being dropped.
dosebadge helment mount Helmet Mounts   Mounts the doseBadge on the side of a standard safety helmet. These mounts locate in the moulding that usually takes helmet-mounted muffs.
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