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doseBadge Noise Dosimeter

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Intrinsically Safe Noise Dosimeter

intrinsically safe noise dosimeterThe CR110AIS doseBadge Noise Dosimeter has Intrinsic Safety (ATEX, EEx, IECEx, SABS and MSHA) approval for use in hazardous environments and explosive atmospheres.

  • ATEX, EEx and IECEx approval for Mining and Non-Mining applications
  • Group II Non-Mining Applications
    • 1180
    • II 1 G
    • EEx ia IIC T4
  • Group I Mining Applications
    • 1180
    • I M1
    • EEx ia I
  • MSHA approval
  • SABS approval for South Africa
  • Same acoustic functions as the standard doseBadge

For mining application, the doseBadge is approved by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).

Since 2003 the ATEX directive has been mandatory in Europe for all equipment sold for use in hazardous atmospheres. A quality management system has to be in place to ensure that every intrinsically safe product is built to very strict guidelines and using only approved components.

The EEx certification is to the CENELEC EN 50020 standard, which is widely used in countries outside the European Union.

The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) has also approved the doseBadge for both Group II Non-Mining and Group I Mining Applications.

Limitations of the Intrinsic Safety Approval

Only the doseBadge (shown in gold above) and its direct attachments (mounting devices) are approved for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. None of the additional items, such as the Reader and Charger are approved so all tasks such as charging, calibrating and initializing the doseBadge should be done outside the hazardous area.

ATEX and EEx Approval Details: Non-Mining

1180 Marking of the Notified Body
EU Explosive Atmosphere
II Non-Mining Equipment Group
1 Equipment Category: Very High Protection
G Type of Explosive Atmosphere: Group II

ATEX and EEx Approval Details: Mining

1180 Marking of the Notified Body
EU Explosive Atmosphere
I Mining Equipment Group
M1 Equipment Category: Energized (in presence of explosive atmosphere)

IECEx Approval Details

  • Group I Mining: IECEx BAS 06.0083X
  • Group II Non-Mining: IECEx BAS 06.0084

South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) Approval Details

  • IA No: SABS MS/05-307X

MSHA Approval Details

  • Approval No. 18-A060027-0


For more details, please download the doseBadge Datasheet (PDF, 721k).
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