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doseBadge Noise Dosimeter

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The dose Badge

The doseBadge is the actual noise dosimeter that mounts on the worker's shoulder. It has the following features:

  • Strong alloy case, light weight and protecting
  • Microphone and noise processor built in
  • Rechargeable battery for low cost operation
  • Memory for storing results and time history
  • Infra-red interface to talk to the Reader unit
  • Intrinsically safe option

multi doseBadges

  doseBadge dosimeter mounted on the worker

Noise Measurements Made

The main noise measurements taken by the doseBadge depend on the settings and the regulations being followed:

  • OSHA and related regulations: TWA, Lavg
  • ISO 3dB and related regulations: Lep,d, Leq

The doseBadge also measures, calculates and stores other parameters, such as Dose %, Peak , and Pa2hr, which are needed for some noise exposure regulations.

The doseBadge has dual channels, and can have Channel 1 configured to have different exchange (doubling) rate, time response, threshold, criterion level and criterion time. Channel 2 is fixed to the common ISO 3dB settings. This means that you can work to regulations such as OSHA but still record the ISO parameters too.

The main measurement parameter (Lavg or Leq, depending on settings) is stored every minute, giving a graph of the sound level over time when downloaded to a computer. The C Weighted Peak is also stored every minute for similar graphing.


Noise Dose Exceedance Indicator

noise dose exceeded The doseBadge can be set to indicate when the noise dose has exceeded 100%. Under normal conditions, the blue LED flashes once every second. When the noise exposure limit is exceeded, it flashes twice every second.

Charging the doseBadge

All doseBadges in the kit can be charged at the same time. They are fitted onto the charging block as shown. A full charge from flat takes just 2½ hours. When the battery is not flat (usually the case) it takes less time. doseBadges can also be given a shorter "top-up" charge when needed at short notice (only on the latest generation of charger, released May 2007).

  rechargeable noise dosimeters
mounting the dosebadge noise dosimeter

Mounting the doseBadge

There are a number of different mounts for the doseBadge, including the standard clip-mount (shown on left) and optional helmet mount. The mounting options are screwed onto the bottom of the doseBadge and then fixed to the workers clothing or helmet.

helmet mounted dosebadge

How Many doseBadges?

You can use any number of doseBadges with one Reader unit. Please see our Dosemeter Kit page for more information on the standard kit sizes. However, you can always purchase individual doseBadges to add to an existing kit.

doseBadge Datasheet (PDF, 721k)
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