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doseBadge Noise Dosimeter

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doseBadge Noise Dose Measurement Kits

Although doseBadges and Readers can be bought individually, they are usually included in a complete noise measurement kit that includes everything you need to get on with the measurements.

Included in each kit:

  doseBadges Kits are available with different quantities of doseBadges, usually 1, 2, 5 or 10, although other quantities can be supplied. dosebadge measurement kit

One Reader unit is used with multiple doseBadges.

  Calibrator Built into the Reader unit.
  doseBadge Mounts A mounting plate and pins. (Helmet mount not included).
  Charging Block Charges the batteries in all the doseBadges at the same time.
  Software & Cable A CD containing the doseBadge software.
  Calibration Certificates For all doseBadges and Reader.
  Carrying Case A carrying case designed to hold up to ten doseBadges, Reader, Charging Block, Manuals and other accessories.

The order code for these kits is CK110/x, where x indicates the number of doseBadges.

Custom doseBadge Kit - Create a kit with different quantities of doseBadges and accessories.


Combination Kits

Sometimes a hand-held Sound Level Meter is useful for making manual checks of the noise levels to use alongside the doseBadge measurements. We offer the following combination dosemeter and noise meter kits. When noise levels are very high, it is better to have an Octave Band meter to check the suitability of the hearing protection being used.

These Combination Kits include all the items listed for the standard doseBadge Kit (doseBadges, Reader, Calibrator, Charger, Software, Cable, Calibration Certificates and Carrying Case) but they also include a hand-held Sound Level Meter.

All kits except the Economy Combination Kit (CMB102/2) also include a Calibrator for the meter and Calibration Certificates. The Economy Combination Kit does not include a Calibrator or a Calibration Certificate for the Sound Level Meter.

safety officers noise exposure measurement kit
Combination Kit with
doseBadges and Noise Meter



  Benefits Order Code
dosemeter and sound level meter kit Economy Combination Kit
Includes two doseBadges and the popular NM102 Sound Level Meter. More...
  Ideal when you need a sound level meter to make quick measurements with the doseBadge to make the full noise assessment. CMB102/2
dosebadge and integrating noise meter kit Integrating Combination Kit
Includes three doseBadges, an Integrating Sound Level Meter and a calibrator. More...
  The Integrating Noise Meter is ideal for making manual measurements and the doseBadge assesses the workers daily noise exposure. CMB162A/3
dosemeter and octave band sound level meter Octave Band Combination Kit
Includes five doseBadges, an Octave Band Sound Level Meter and a calibrator. More...
  The doseBadges are used to assess workers daily exposure and the octave band meter to help select the correct hearing protector. CMB162C/5
dosebadge dosemeter with octave band analyser Custom Combination Kit
Select between one and ten doseBadges along with the sound level meter to suit your application. More...
  The doseBadges are used to assess a worker's daily exposure and a sound level meter to suit. Custom

doseBadge Datasheet (PDF, 721k)
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