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doseBadge Noise Dosimeter

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Noise Dose Measurement Regulations

The doseBadge meets the requirements of both the American (OSHA) and European (ISO) measurement standards. The doseBadge also meets the requirements of the US DOE, ACGIH, AICHE and MSHA regulations and guidelines.

The selection of which standard to measure by is done using the simple menu in the Reader. The doseBadges are shipped pre-configured to the relevant standard, so making the changes should not normally be necessary.

The most common settings are:

  • 3dB exchange rate, no time constant and no threshold
    • This setting is ideal for many applications, including the European Noise at Work regulations.
  • 5dB exchange rate, slow time constant, 80 dB threshold
    • Ideal for measurement to the OSHA regulations for occupational noise measurement.

Noise Dosemeter Standards

The doseBadge system meets the following standards:

  ANSI S1.25:1991 Personal Noise Dosemeters

  IEC 61252:1993 Personal Sound Exposure Meters

To satisfy the OSHA measurement standards, the doseBadge measures the following parameters: LAVG, TWA and% Dose. The exchange rate is set to Q=5.

To satisfy the ISO measurement standards, the dosebadge measures the following parameters: LAeq, LEPd, SEL, % Dose, Exposure Pa²h, Estimated % Dose, Estimated Pa²h.

It can easily be set to measure both OSHA style 5dB measurements and ISO 3dB measurements at the same time as it is a dual-channel dosimeter.

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