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Optimus Green - Environmental Sound Level Meter

The Optimus Range
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Environmental Noise Measurement

The Green version of the Optimus Sound Level Meter is ideal for almost any type of noise measurement, but it has been optimized for Environmental Noise Surveys. It provides all the parameters and features that are usually needed, and of course it meets the very demanding acoustic standards to Type 1.

  • For environmental and community noise assessments
  • Noise in mixed industrial and residential areas
  • Environmental noise surveys around factories

The following features are available with this meter, all designed to make the acoustic measurement process quicker, easier and more accurate:

  • Type 1 to ANSI S1.4, IEC 60651 and IEC 60804, Class 1 to IEC 61672
  • Measurement of Leq, Ln (L90, etc) and many other parameters
  • Automatic, repeating measurements for longer term assessments
  • Real-time 1/3 Octave Band Filters option
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optimus range of sound level meters

Calibration Check

Most regulations and measurement standards state that the meter's calibration should be checked before making measurements.

Fit the Calibrator over the microphone as shown on the right, switch it on and press the Calibrate button. The meter will automatically make any adjustments.

Calibration details are stored in the meter so that you can either make note or download them to a computer if you have the data logging option.

calibrating the meter
Calibration Check


Manual Measurements

Press the Start key, shown on the right to begin the measurement process. If you have the data logging option fitted then the meter will ask if you want to make a Voice Tag recording.

The meter will start measuring the LAeq and other parameters that are needed for environmental noise surveys.

When you are happy that you have measured for long enough simply press the Stop key.

start noise measurement
Starting a Measurement

start audio recording
Start Audio Recording

Recording Audio

The meter can record the audio - so you can listen to the actual sound later. Audio recordings can be started manually or when a trigger level is exceeded.

To start a recording manually press the Audio button during a measurement.

The Audio Recording can be set to start automatically when a certain level is exceeded. For example, you can set it to make a recording when the level exceeds 65dB(A). You can even set it to trigger when the trigger level is exceeded in just one band to detect tonal noise. Adjustable smoothing factors are available to avoid triggering on very short term noise.


timed noise measurements
Setting the Timer

Automatic, Repeating Measurements

For many environmental noise surveys, you need periodic (usually 5 minute, 15 minute or 1 hour) measurements showing values such as the Leq and the L90.

To make this type of measurement, use the Menu key to set the meter to make repeating measurements of the required duration. The meter will now run for the specified period. It will then stop, store the results and start again automatically.

It is better to mount the meter on a tripod for this type of measurement. A tripod mount is included on the back of the meter. It can be fitted to a standard camera tripod, or we can provide you with a suitable one.


1/3 Octave Band Measurements

The meter will automatically store the octave band spectrum (and 1/3 octave band spectrum if fitted) at the selected rate. One of the most useful features of this meter is that you do not have to tell it what to measure, or even what range to use. Everything is measured and the wide-span meter covers the whole range from 20 to 140 dB(A).

Even the standard meter measures the real-time Octaves.



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