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Optimus Red - Occupational Noise Meter

The Optimus Range
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Noise Measurements

The Optimus Red Sound Level Meter measures all the parameters that are needed for an occupational noise survey. What's more, it measures them all at the same time, so there is no need to work out which measurements you need before starting.

Measures all parameters at the same time in a single measurement span.

  • LAeq and LCPeak - the main noise at work parameters
  • A, C and Z frequency weightings
  • LCeq - LAeq calculation for quick hearing protector selection
  • Data logging versions also store:
    • Overall Leq, Peak, Max and Min
    • Time History (see below)
    • Date, Time and run time
    • Voice Tag
    • Real-Time Octave Band Filters (option)
real-time octaves
Real-Time Octave Option
optimus sound level meter optimus yellow sound level meters optimus red sound level meter optimus green sound level meter optimus purple sound level meter
optimus range of sound level meters

The meter's display shows the main parameters that are needed when making noise at work measurements: LAeq (average sound level), LCPeak (maximum peak level) and the current sound level. With a button push or two, it can also show more detail, such as LEPd, exposure, memory and calibration status.

The bar on the left of the display shows the current level, changing to yellow and then red when the sound level goes above the defined action levels (usually 80dBA and 85 dBA).

integrating sound level meter

Data Logging - Parameters Stored

Although the display shows only the commonly used parameters, the data logging versions of this meter store the sound levels for all time and frequency weightings, along with a time history for the more common ones.


These "overall" values describe the noise for the whole measurement period. They include the Max and Min values for all frequency and time weightings, along with the all important Leq (A, C and Z weighted) and Peak (C and Z weighted).

Time History

The meter can be set to store time history measurements at one of a number of rates between 10ms and 2 seconds. It stores the Leq (A, C and Z) and the Peak (C and Z), giving a very informative graph of the noise over time. This is particularly useful when monitoring for long periods.

noise time history
Time History Shown in the Software

Real-Time Octave Band Filters

The data logging version of the meter can also have Real-Time (or "parallel") Octave Band Filters. The meter measures in all bands at the same time, storing the octave spectrum every second or every 1/2 second.

Hearing Protector Assessment

When noise levels are very high, you need to be sure that the hearing protectors that are being used are adequate. The NoiseTools software (included with the data logging meters) takes the octave band measurements and calculates the level at the ear when using different hearing protectors. More about the software...

octave band measurements

Voice Tag

Do you need an easy and reliable way of making on-site notes with your noise measurements? The easiest way is to make a brief recording (either your voice or the actual noise) just before making a measurement.

voice notes

The Voice Tag feature is included with all data logging versions of the meter.

Before starting a measurement, the meter will ask if you want to record a "Voice Tag". The meter will record any speech or the noise in question (to help you identify it later) for up to 30 seconds. This audio is transferred to the software automatically along with the measurement.

You can skip this stage if you don't need a voice tag, or the option can be disabled altogether.

When viewing the measurement on a computer the Play Voice Tag button lets you listen to the recording on the computer's speakers.



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