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Optimus Red - Occupational Noise Meter

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Occupational Noise

The CR160 Optimus Red was designed specifically for occupational noise measurements in line with the OSHA, MSHA, ACGIH and EU regulations. It provides all the noise measurement parameters that you need in a meter of the correct grade.

This meter can be used without a computer, in which case you don't need the data logging option. If you want to be able to download measurements, store them and produce reports then the data logging option is a must. Finally, the Octave Band Filter option gives a more detailed analysis of the noise and provides automatic hearing protector assessments through the software.

  • Designed for occupational noise regulations
  • Meets the required standards
  • All parameters needed: Lavg, TWA, LAeq, LPeak
  • Option for storing and download to computer
  • Octave Band option for detailed hearing protector assessment

The full occupational noise measurement process is described below.

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optimus range of sound level meters


1. Calibration Check

The regulations and guidelines state that the meter's calibration should be checked before making measurements, and that you should keep records of these calibration checks.

Fit the Calibrator over the microphone as shown on the right, switch it on and press the Calibrate button. The meter will automatically make any adjustments.

Calibration details are stored in the meter so that you can either make note or download them to a computer if you have the data logging option.

calibrating the meter
Calibration Check


2. Basic Measurements

To start a measurement, simply press the Start key, shown on the right. This process is the same for any model of this meter, whether you have data logging or not.

The meter will start measuring the LAeq and Peak along with a number of other useful parameters.

When you are happy that you have measured for long enough (the average level has settled for example), simply press the Stop key.

start noise measurement
Starting a Measurement

3. Data Logging Measurements

If you have the data logging option then along with the overall values (Lavg, Leq, etc), the meter will also have stored the level every second, or whatever rate the meter is set to. This is all done automatically, there is no need to tell it to store them.

Once you have finished making measurements, they can be downloaded to a computer using the NoiseTools software provided.

4. Octave Band Measurements

If you have the Octave Bands fitted then, as with the data logging, the meter stores them automatically every 1/2 second. The measurement process is exactly the same as described above.

Octave band results can be displayed on the meter's screen or downloaded using the Noise Tools software for inclusion in reports or for analyzing the performance of your hearing protectors.



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