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Optimus Red - Occupational Noise Meter

The Optimus Range
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There are not too many options for the Optimus Red sound level meter, as even the basic model includes all the parameters that you need for occupational noise measurements in line with the regulations. The data logging and octave band options can be added at a later date without having to return the meter, so you can decide later if you are unsure at the moment.

  • Type 1 or Type 2? - The regulations say Type 2 is adequate.
  • Data Logging? - If you want to download to a computer and create reports.
  • Octave Bands? - More detailed analysis and hearing protector assessment.
  • Accessories? - Calibrator is essential, carrying case is useful.


Sound Level Calibrator

sound level calibrator

The most important of the accessories is the Calibrator. The regulations state that you should use one to check the function of the meter before making any measurements.

optimus sound level meter optimus yellow sound level meters optimus red sound level meter optimus green sound level meter optimus purple sound level meter
optimus range of sound level meters

Type 1 or Type 2?

A Type 1 sound level meter is a little more accurate than a Type 2 model. It is also more expensive. If you are using the meter exclusively for occupational noise measurements then the regulations are quite clear: Type 2 is adequate. For this reason we recommend the Type 2 model.

However, if you need to make other noise measurements, such as noise emitting from your factory into the local environment, then it might be wise to go for a Type 1 meter. In these instances the local authority will usually expect measurements made with a Type 1 meter.

In summary: For noise at work measurements go for Type 2.

If you want a bit more information then please visit our FAQ page about Class / Type.

Sound Level Meter Configuration

Just two options here: data logging and octave band filters:

Data Logging

With this option fitted the meter stores a summary of each measurement along with a time history (gives a graph of the noise levels throughout the measurement). It comes with software and download cable.

A very useful option as it makes storing results and presenting reports easier. This option can be added at a later date without returning the meter.

Octave Bands

With this option fitted, the meter splits the spectrum into bands to provide information about the frequency content. Meters with the Octave Band option always have the Data Logging option fitted too.

The option is very useful when monitoring areas with very high noise levels. The octave band measurements are used by the software to calculate the level at the ear when wearing different hearing protectors.


Order Codes

Sound Level Meter The Optimus Red sound level meters are part of the CR160 range of meters:

  CR161A - Type 1 Integrating Sound Level Meter $2241.00  
  CR161B - Type 1 Integrating Sound Level Meter with Data Logging $2603.00  
  CR161C - Type 1 Integrating Sound Level Meter with Data Logging and Octave Band Filters $3293.00  
  CR162A - Type 2 Integrating Sound Level Meter $1375.00  
  CR162B - Type 2 Integrating Sound Level Meter with Data Logging $1681.00  
  CR162C - Type 2 Integrating Sound Level Meter with Data Logging and Octave Band Filters $2418.00  
Calibrator The Calibrator is available as Type 1 or Type 2, usually to match the class of the meter:    
  CR515 Type 1 Sound Level Calibrator $514.00  
  CR514 Type 2 Sound Level Calibrator $365.00  
Accessories CK280 Carrying Case for Optimus Red Sound Level Meter, Calibrator and accessories  
  CU-USB AC Power Adapter for the Optimus Sound Level Meter $31.00  
  CU-CUSB Car Accessory Socket Adapter for Optimus Sound Level Meter $26.00  


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