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Optimus Yellow - Sound Level Meter

The Optimus Range
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Optimus Yellow Options

There are just a few different options and accessories available for the CR150 series Optimus Yellow sound level meter. The configuration for you depends on the measurement regulations that you need to follow. For assistance in selecting the correct meter, please call or email. We are happy to help.

Standards - Class / Type

The options for the sound level meter are concerned with grade and data logging:

Type 1 / Class 1 - Defined by the ANSI and IEC standards, this is the most accurate version of the meter. It has a higher grade microphone capsule for more demanding applications. If your regulations state "Type 1" or "Class 1" then this is the type to use.

Type 2 / Class 2 - Defined by the ANSI and IEC standards. Type 2 meters are still very accurate, but have a slightly lower grade microphone capsule fitted.

More information about Type / Class

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optimus range of sound level meters

Data Logging

With this option fitted, the meter stores measurements so they can be downloaded to a computer for analysis and reporting. See the Software page for more details. If you are not sure then you can get the meter without logging and easily upgrade at a later date without having to return the meter.

Order Codes

Sound Level Meter The Optimus Yellow sound level meters are part of the CR150 range of meters:

  CR151A - Class 1 Sound Level Meter $1994.00  
  CR151B - Class 1 Sound Level Meter with Data Logging $2302.00  
  CR152A - Class 2 Sound Level Meter $1074.00  
  CR152B - Class 2 Sound Level Meter with Data Logging $1380.00  
Calibrator The Calibrator is available as Class 1 or Class 2, usually to match the class of the meter:    
  CR515 Class 1 Sound Level Calibrator $514.00  
  CR514 Class 2 Sound Level Calibrator $365.00  
Accessories CK280 Carrying Case for Optimus Sound Level Meter, Calibrator and accessories  
  CU-USB AC Power Adapter for the Optimus Sound Level Meter $31.00  
  CU-CUSB Car Accessory Socket Adapter for Optimus Sound Level Meter $26.00  


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