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Optimus Yellow - Sound Level Meter

The Optimus Range
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NoiseTools Software

Only applicable to meters fitted with the Data Logging option.

  • Configure advanced parameters in the meter
  • Download measurements
  • View measurements in tables and graphs
  • Listen to Voice Tags
  • Link measurements to people and places
  • Produce reports
noise time history
Software Showing a Graph of Noise Levels
optimus sound level meter optimus yellow sound level meters optimus red sound level meter optimus green sound level meter optimus purple sound level meter
optimus range of sound level meters

The software is provided free with the meter and can be installed on as many computers as needed. It runs on all recent versions of Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The sound level meter connects to a computer using a standard USB cable (included with the meter).

grouping measurements

Grouping Noise Measurements

As technology moves on and storage becomes less expensive, the result is an overload of information - too much data. The Optimus range of sound level meters makes managing this data extremely easy.

  • Currently unused parameters are kept hidden
    • They are still there in case they are needed at some time
  • Measurements can be grouped logically by:
    • Place (different parts of a factory, departments, etc.)
    • People (a section for each staff member)
    • Projects
    • Instruments (if you have more than one meter)

Within these categories, measurements are also grouped by date.

Finally, for heavy users (for example a noise consultant), a completely separate database can be used for different applications or customers.




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