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CX4 - Fire Alarm Priority & Sound Level Limiter

fire alarm priority
Fire Alarm Priority


The CX4 interfaces with your fire alarm system. It cuts the music sound level and provides a priority override.

Here are the detailed specifications for the CX4.

Gain Normal operation, unity gain +0dB -1dB
Frequency Response 20Hz - 30KHz + 0.5dB -1dB
Distortion THD @ 1KHz O/P +20dBU <.015% (Typically .007%)
Noise < -90dBU EIN

Connector type
Input impedance
Max input level
> 30k Ohms
Connector type
Max O/P level
Electronically balanced
+22dBU into 600R load

Controls Situated behind removable security panel
  1 - Priority input level all channels
2 - Priority input level channels 3&4 (allows chans 3&4 to be lower than chans1&2)
3 - Limit threshold.(average) adjustable range -20dBU to +22dBU
4 - Peak threshold allows the peak limiter to be set above the average limit threshold
5 - Attenuation channels 1&2. Range 0dB to -60dB (factory setting -20dB)
6 - Attenuation channels 3&4. Range 0dB to -60dB (factory setting -20dB)
7 - Reset momentary action push button(can be set to automatic)
8 - Test momentary action push button. (For set-up and testing)
Priority input
Connector type
Set to Mic
Set to Line
Internally selectable Mic - Line
XLR in and out
Low impedance. Balanced. Max gain 70dB
10K Balanced. Max I/P level +30dBU

Visual indicators Power - 2 x Green L.E.D.s.
Limit - Red L.E.D.
Peak - Amber L.E.D.
Priority override - Red L.E.D.

Auxiliary connections 6 Way screw terminal connector
Control input Pins 1 & 2 18V - 24V DC ( Voltage mode) Isolated switch contacts (Switch mode)
Remote indicator outputs Pin 3 - Limit
Pin 4 -.Peak
Pin 5 - Priority
Pin 6 - OVE common
  Outputs will drive L.E.D.s. directly without series resistors. They will also drive suitable solid state relays to drive power supply voltage indicators.

Dimensions 19" rack mounting - 1RU - Width 482mm (19") Depth 206mm (8.1") Height 44mm (1.75")
Finish Front - and Rear panels- Black anodized aluminium with silver notation which will not rub off in use.
Case - black plastic coated steel.
Power IEC Connector
110 - 115V AC. Fuse 500mA Anti Surge (slow blow)
200 - 240V AC. Fuse 250mA Anti Surge (slow blow)



Guardian Priority and Fire Alarm Interface
2 weeks
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CX4 - Fire Alarm Priority & Sound Level Limiter.

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Guardian Priority and Fire Alarm Interface
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