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Sentry Music Noise Controller

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Sentry Music Noise Controller

In the Box

The standard Sentry Music Noise Controller consists of the following items:

  • Main unit (as seen on the right)
  • Built-in microphone
  • User Manual with installation instructions

As the wiring varies so much with each installation, this must be provided by your electrician as part of the installation service.

The most common option is the Contactor, as this is needed for most Entertainment installations.

ac power contactor

Contactor (option)

This item is needed for installation when the Sentry is to be controlling the power supply (e.g. audio equipment). This is a self-contained unit that connects back to the Sentry over low voltage wiring (12V). The Contactor's main part is a mains relay that can switch up to 32 amps of mains power.

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external microphone

External Microphone (option)

If the perfect location for the Sentry is not ideal acoustically you can use and external microphone, usually mounted in a panel wall or ceiling at a more suitable spot. The micrphone comes with a 30m / 100ft extension cable.

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sentry remote reset

Remote Reset (option)

Sometimes the best place to mount the Sentry is high on a wall, making it difficult to reach the built-in reset switch. Alternatively, you might want to have the reset switch in an area with restricted access. In this case the Remote Reset option offers the solution.

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remote display

Remote Display (option)

The remote display is very similar in appearance to the Sentry itself. Connected back to the main unit, it gives the same display of green when the level is acceptable changing to red to indicate that the sound level is too high.

Contact NoiseMeters for more details.

Timer (option)

The Sentry has two preset thresholds, so you can set it up to trigger at different sound levels at different times of day. The most convenient way to control this is with the automatic timer. This is a 7-day timer that is built into the main Sentry box.

Reset Counter (option)

Some local authorities will want to monitor how often the level is exceeded. The easiest way to do this is to fit a "reset counter", which simply counts the number of times the unit trips and has to be reset.



Music Noise Monitor and Controller
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Contactor for Sentry Music Controller
In stock
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Technical Support

For more detailed information about installation and wiring of the Sentry please visit our Technical Support web site.

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Sentry Music Noise Controller and its optional parts.

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Music Noise Monitor and Controller
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32 Amp Fused Contactor for Sentry Music Controller
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External Microphone for Sentry with 30m / 100ft Cable
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Push Button Remote Reset for Sentry Music Controller
Key Switch Remote Reset for Sentry Music Controller
Remote Display for Sentry Music Controller
7 Day timer for Sentry Music Controller
Reset Counter for Sentry Music Controller


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