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Sentry Music Noise Controller

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Sentry with AT-1 Automatic Volume Control

AT-1 Automatic Volume Control

Cutting the power to the audio system is not the most elegant or the most popular way to control the noise levels. However, it is the way most often required by the local authority, as it is a reliable way and difficult to bypass.

If automatic volume control without the cut-off is an option to you then please visit the Automatic Volume Control page, where you will find the AVC2.

If you are in a situation where you need the power cut-off but don't like it, the Sentry with AT-1 Automatic Volume Control is the best option.

With the Sentry installed in the usual way (see Installation page), the AT-1 is connected to the audio system between the mixer (or pre amp) and the amplifier. It is then connected back to the Sentry using a 4-core control cable.

The Sentry measures the sound levels using its microphone. If the limit is reached, it instructs the AT-1 to reduce the volume accordingly.

If the levels continue to be too high (the AT-1 has been bypassed, or a live band is using their own equipment) then the power to the power outlets will be cut.

This approach satisfies the authorities, cutting power as required, but first tries to avoid ruining the entertainment by simply limiting the volume.

Acoustic Absorption in a Full Club

The acoustics of a full venue are different to an empty one. As the Sentry / AT-1 setup is driven by a microphone, this absorption of the sound is automatically taken into account.

What Do I Need?

A full system with mains power control and automatic volume control consists of the following items:

  • Sentry Music Noise Controller (includes built-in microphone)
  • AT-1 Automatic Volume Control
  • SEN-071 Contactor may be required to control the mains power

Other options are available for the Sentry Music Noise Controller. These are shown on the Options page.


Music Noise Monitor and Controller
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Contactor for Sentry Music Controller
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Automatic Volume Control
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Technical Support

For more detailed information about installation and wiring of the Sentry please visit our Technical Support web site.

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Sentry Music Noise Controller and its optional parts.

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Music Noise Monitor and Controller
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32 Amp Fused Contactor for Sentry Music Controller
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External Microphone for Sentry with 30m / 100ft Cable
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Push Button Remote Reset for Sentry Music Controller
Key Switch Remote Reset for Sentry Music Controller
Remote Display for Sentry Music Controller
7 Day timer for Sentry Music Controller
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