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Integrating Sound Level Meter with Real Time Octave Band Filters

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Noise at Work Assessments and Hearing Protection

The Pulsar 30-2 is a Type 2 Integrating Sound Level Meter with real-time octave band filters, making it suitable for noise at work assessments.

For this application, the meter and software provide the following:

  • A weighted Leq (LAeq)
  • C weighted Peak (LCpeak)
  • Real-time Octave Band Filters
  • Calculation of the level at the ear using hearing protectors
  • Prints noise at work reports from the software

The EMS230-2 Noise Measurement Kit includes everything that you need for carrying out the assessment of workers exposure to noise. No other options are required.

Please visit the Software for more information on the reporting features.

noise at work assessment sound level meter

Making a Noise at Work Assessment

Using the Pulsar 30-2 for a noise at work assessment is very quick and simple. Although the meter has many more features, its default configuration is ideal for occupational noise measurement.

start the noise at work measurements

Press the Record key

stop the measurement

Press the Stop key

read the leq and peak

Read the Leq and the Peak
or download to a computer

Advanced Noise at Work Assessment

switch to octave band measurement

When noise levels are particularly high - above 90 to 95 dB - you should make an octave band measurement.

Press the SLM/RTA key to switch the meter into Real-Time Analyser mode.

Use the Record and Stop keys as above to make an octave band measurement. Once downloaded to the computer, the software will then calculate the level at the ear when using different hearing protectors.




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