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Sound Level Meter for Occupational Noise - OSHA

The CR720B Integrating Sound Level Meter has been designed specifically for occupational noise measurement in line with the OSHA regulations and guidelines. It measures and calculates the parameters that are usually needed, such as TWA (time weighted average) and LAVG (average sound level).

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  • Integrating Sound Level Meter with TWA and LAVG
  • Type 2 to ANSI S1.4
  • Data Logging - Software Included
  • 5 dB Exchange Rate for TWA, LAVG and Dose
  • Suitable for OSHA noise measurements
  • Robust cast metal case
  • Also has Peak, Dose %, Max and Min sound levels
  • Quick and easy to use
    • Switch on
    • Press Run
    • Read the results from the clear LCD display


  sound level meter of osha measurements

The Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, recommends the use of an Integrating Sound Level Meter meeting the requirements of the ANSI S1.4 standard to at least Type 2. Hearing protection and noise control decisions are usually made based on the Time Weighted Average, or TWA, measurement that can be provided automatically by such a meter. Of particular use, the LAVG (Average Noise Level) is needed when measuring noise levels that are not stable. Using the LAVG you just need to measure until the displayed level is stable, as an average will smooth out the measured levels over a period of time.

When monitoring a workers noise exposure in areas where there are any loud banging noises, a meter with True Peak should be used. The CR720B provides this type of measurement too.

The CR720B is a data logging sound level meter and comes complete with a serial cable and software to download the measurements, store them on the computer and present reports.

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