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OSHA Related Noise Measurement Products

Product   Description Price
dBadge doseBadge noise dosimeter Noise dosimeter with Dose %, TWA, Lavg, Leq, in a very small and robust package
Mounts on the worker's shoulder and monitors their actual exposure to noise.
NM102 sound meter Low Cost Full Featured Sound Level Meter
Auto-ranging sound level meter with A and C weighting, Fast/Slow response.
Pulsar 14 robust sound level meter Type 2 Calibrated Sound Level Meter
Measures the Slow Sound Level (as required by OSHA), A or C weighted.
CEL240 robust sound level meter Robust Type 2 Sound Level Meter with A and C weightings
Measures the Fast and Slow Sound Level, A or C weighted. In a strong case.
CEL620 integrating sound level meter Type 2 Integrating Sound Level Meter with Lavg and Leq
An integrating sound level meter that can be upgraded to have data logging.
NoiseSign noise sign Noise Warning Sign with Data Logging and Remote Display options
Lights up when the noise exceeds the set level. For both "noisy" and "quiet" places.
SE2EAR SoundEar II Noise Activated Warning Sign
Shows when the noise levels have gone over a preset limit.



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