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Software for the OSHA Sound Level Meter

The CR720B comes complete with a serial download cable and the dBLink software, which can download measurements, store them and print simple noise reports. The software can also export the measurements and the reports to different programs and formats.


The program dBLink downloads the measurements from the OSHA Sound Level Meter and presents the results in a simple table format. The program can also display the time history graph for a selected measurement and present reports, either to printer or to a file format such as PDF or JPEG.

A simple "Wizard" interface leads you through the whole process from configuring the meter to downloading the measurements and printing reports. Once you are familiar with this process you can bypass the wizard and just do the actions that you need.

This program also has the ability to export the raw data to spreadsheet (Excel), word processor and other common formats in case you want to carry out your own analysis and create custom reports.

software for the osha sound level meter

When you order the CR720, SC720 or CK720 (prices shown below) you also receive the download cable and dBLink software. New releases of the software are available for download.




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