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Analyzer Software for the Assessor and Quantifier Sound Level Meters

The Analyzer software is supplied free of charge with all data logging Assessor series and Quantifier series sound level meters. It runs on a PC under MS Windows 95 or later and provides the following features:

  • Download Data from the sound level meter
  • Store measurements in folders for convenience
  • Enter Comments and Notes for each measurement
  • Display measurements individually or in a tabular format
  • Graphical display of Time History
  • Print reports
  • Exposure calculations for occupational noise applications
  • Advanced Instrument configuration and setup options
  • Enhanced Export functions (see below)
software for sound level meters

For instruments with 1/1 or 1/3 Octave Band Filters fitted:


Broadband Measurements (Sound Level Meters: all data logging models)

Broadband Measurements are displayed in both a tabular and graphical format. The numerical values for the measurement are listed down the left side and include the time, date, duration and measurement range along with the Time and Frequency Weightings used for each parameter.

The Time History graph is shown on the right side. A zoom function is provided to allow more detail to be shown on the graph.

deaf defier sound level meter software


Frequency Measurements (Sound Level Meters: all models with Octave or 1/3 Octave Band Filters)

1/3 octave band spectrumFor Frequency Measurements made using either the 1/1 or 1/3 Octave Band Filters, the information is displayed as a bar graph, with the numerical data shown on the left. Comments and notes can also be entered for future reference.

Individual Frequency bands can be highlighted using the cursor. A and C Frequency Weightings can be applied by the software.

Analyzer also calculates and display NR and NC values and curves from 1/1 Octave Band Data.


Calculation of Exposure (Sound Level Meters: all data logging models)

The user can enter a different exposure time from the measurement duration, allowing the software to calculate the overall noise exposure in terms of the LEP,d according to the EU Physical Agents (Noise) Directive as well as many other occupational noise exposure regulations.


Hearing Protector Selection (Sound Level Meters: all models with Octave or 1/3 Octave Band Filters)

Where 1/1 Octave Band Measurements are available, the Analyzer software can calculate the assumed protection from a range of Hearing Protector products from a database. The results can be filtered to remove, for example, protectors that do not reduce the noise level at the ear to below 85dB(A).

The database of hearing protectors can also be updated with new information as and when required.


Exporting Data (Sound Level Meter: all data logging models)

The Analyzer software can export data in a wide range of formats. The supported formats are:

In addition to the basic file format options, the data can be formatted in a number of ways depending upon the export options, including where appropriate fonts, colours, headers and footers, dates and file extensions. For full details please refer to the Help file provided with the Analyzer software.


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