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Nova Sound Level Meters

The Pulsar Nova range of sound level meters uses the latest direct sampling technology to produce powerful meters that are quick easy to use. This range of meters can be split into three families to suit different applications and noise measurement requirements.

Sound Level Meter

  • Basic Noise Surveys
  • Alarm Testing
  • Sound Systems
  • Vehicle Noise
from $1204.00

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Integrating Sound Level Meter

  • Noise at Work
  • Occupational Noise
  • Environmental Noise
  • Construction Noise
from $1572.00

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Octave Band Sound Level Meter

  • Noise at Work
  • Hearing Protection
  • Environmental Noise
  • Octave Analysis
from $2914.00

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The Pulsar Nova is a whole range of sound level meters, all based on the same technology. Even the most basic meter can be upgraded to have all the options of the top meter, effectively future-proofing your purchase. If a new application comes up that needs Octave Band Filters, they can be added. Some upgrades can be done remotely, some need a trip back to the factory.

To help understand the full range, we group these sound level meters into three distinct families, although there is nothing stopping a meter from hopping from one family to another when an upgrade is needed:

Family Nova Models Description and Applications
Sound Level Meter Model 41 (Class 1)
Model 42 (Class 2)
This is the base model of the Nova sound level meter range. It measures the A, C and Z weighted sound level with Fast, Slow and Impulse time weightings. It provides the Max and Min measurements and is ideal for basic noise surveys, alarm testing and roadside vehicle noise measurements.
Integrating Sound Level Meter Model 43 (Class 1)
Model 44 (Class 2)
As an Integrating sound level meter, these models include measurements such as Leq and Peak sound level. They are perfect for occupational noise assessments in line with most regulations. These meters are also suitable for basic environmental surveys - additional environmental parameters and timers are available as an option for more detailed surveys.
Octave Band Sound Level Meter Model 45 (Class 1)
Model 46 (Class 2)
These are integrating sound level meters with the addition of octave band filters. They can be used for more detailed noise at work surveys and carry out detailed checks on the suitability of hearing protectors. These meters include the environmental noise survey parameters and automatic timers, making them suitable for many environmental and community noise surveys.



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