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Model 14 Type 2 Sound Level Meter

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Occupational Noise Measurement

The OSHA noise regulations recommend the use of a Type 2 Sound Level Meter that measures the Slow Sound Level.

The P14S Sound Level Meter meets these requirements, making it ideal for occupational noise assessments. It has been designed to be quick and easy to use, with minimal controls and settings. You should be able to simply switch it on and make your measurements.

This meter is provided with a Calibration Certificate showing compliance with the very strict ANSI S1.4 Sound Level Meter standards.

The OSHA regulations also recommend using a Calibrator before making important noise measurements. A Calibrator emits a very accurate tone and is used to ensure that the meter is functioning correctly.


Our recommendation is the order code P14S-K (see below for prices), as this includes the Sound Level Meter, Calibrator, Windshield and a protective case.

Other recommendations:

  1. For a data logging meter please see the OSHA Logging Sound Level Meter page.
  2. The dBadge Noise Dosimeter measures the workers TWA directly.
type 2 sound level meter
Type 2 Sound Level Meter
Prices and Ordering  
Order Code
Price (USD)
Class 2 Sound Level Meter - Fast response
In stock
Noise Kit with P14 Sound Level Meter, Calibrator and Case
In stock
Class 2 Sound Level Meter - Slow response
3 weeks
Noise Kit with P14S Sound Level Meter, Calibrator and Case
3 weeks
Class 2 Sound Level Calibrator. 1kHz, 94dB. For 1/2 inch microphones
90mm Windshield for 1/2 inch Microphone Capsules
In stock
Carrying Pouch

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