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SVAN 957 Sound Level Analyzer

  Overview Using It Software Options Specifications  

Data Logging and Software

The SVAN 957 Sound Level Meter is supplied with the SVANPC+ software. The meter connects to the computer's USB port using the cable supplied. Another option is to transfer the measurements onto a USB memory stick and then plug that into the computer.

sound meter with usb memory stick
Memory stick

Summary Measurement Store - The meter stores a summary of each measurement made. This includes parameters such as the Leq, Peak, Max, Min, Ln. Different frequency and time weightings are stored.

Logger Store - The logger can store the Leq, Peak, Min, Max or octave spectrum at a rate of up to 2ms. This gives a graph of the noise level against time when downloaded to the computer.

download sound level meter
Downloading the noise measurements to a computer

Viewing Noise Measurements

The noise measurements can be viewed in tabular and graphical formats.

sound analysis software

Tabular Displays

The upper window on the left shows the noise measurements in a table, including parameters such as Leq, Peak, Min and Max.

Graphical Displays

The lower window shows a typical graphical display of the "logger" data. The graph can be zoomed and the cursors can be used to select sections and re-calculate certain parameters.

Printing Reports

Most tabular and graphical results can be sent directly to a printer to give a hard copy. The printed format is similar to the on-screen display.

Exporting Data

Tabular and graphical data can be exported to Excel or Word for custom analysis and reporting




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