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SVAN 957 Sound Level Analyzer

  Overview Using It Software Options Specifications  

Using the Sound Level Analyzer

The Analyzer can be configured to operate in many different ways and can measure a large number of different parameters. The following examples are for the standard meter, with none of the options fitted. The meter is used in its default settings.

Summary of the Main Keys

start key Starts and stops measurements. Use with the Alt key to switch the meter on and off.
menu key Use with Shift key to enter the Menu, from where you can change the meter's settings.
arrow keys For navigating around the menu and for viewing different acoustic parameters.
backlight Switch on the back-light.
sound analyzer keypad
Sound Level Analyzer SV957

Broadband Measurements

start measurement

Press the Start key to begin the measurement. As the meter has a single large measurement span, there is no need to select a measurement range.

Press the right arrow key to view the Leq, which is the main parameter for most applications. Continue using the arrow keys to view other parameters such as the Peak and the Ln values.

  display leq

Octave Band Measurements


Press the Shift and Menu keys to enter the meter's menu system. Select the Measurement Function 1/1 Octave and press Enter. Use the ESC key to exit the menu.

Running and Octave Band measurement is now just the same as running in Broadband, except that the meter also stores the octave spectrum.

  display octaves



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