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SVAN 957 Sound Level Analyzer

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Standard SV957 Sound Analyzer

The standard meter comes complete with data logging, occupational noise parameters, environmental noise parameters and real-time octave band filters. Many regulations demand the use of a Calibrator to check the basic function of the meter before making measurements.

svan957 sound level meter

SV957 - Sound Level Meter and Analyzer - $2996.00

Includes the Sound Level Meter with Class 1 microphone and preamplifier. The price includes a calibration certificate with detailed test results.

sound analyzer with calibrator

SC957 - Sound Level Meter with Calibrator - $4081.00

Class 1 SVAN957 Sound Level Meter with SV31 Acoustic Calibrator. Calibration Certificates are included for both the meter and the Calibrator.

noise measurement kit

SK957 - Noise Measurement Kit - $4171.00

Complete Kit with Sound Level Meter, Calibrator and carrying case. Includes Calibration Certificate for the meter and the Calibrator.

Sound Level Analyzer SV957


SV957-2 1/3 Octave Band Filters
SV957-4 FFT Analysis
SV957-5 RT60 Reverberation Time
SV957-15 Audio Signal Recording

Noise Nuisance Recorder - Neighbor Noise Monitoring

The SVAN957 Sound Level Meter is available as part of the SV215 Noise Nuisance Recorder for monitoring noisy neighbors. Please visit the Noise Nuisance Recorder web page for more details.




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