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SoundAlert - High Noise Level Warning

sound alert noise level sign

Applications for the SoundAlert

Typical applications for the SoundAlert desk, wal or tripodl mounted sound level meter.

noise warning sign

Noise at Work

For areas that are not always above the 80 or 85 dB action level. The SoundAlert devices clearly shows employees when it is time to wear hearing protection. The use of the optional Warning Sign helps to attract attention.

noise at work display sign
Warning of high
factory noise levels

The SoundAlert continuously shows the current sound level and the maximum level that has been reached. When the noise level exceeds the trigger level (often set to the first action level of 85 dB), the bright LEDs start to flash.

Employees who are unsure of the current noise level can simply glance at the Sound Alert to find out.

If something more obvious is needed then the optional Warning Sign can be used, as shown on the right.

Hospitals, Offices, Call Centres

To give staff an unbiased view of the noise levels they are creating, strategically placed SoundAlert devices and Warning Signs gives an unavoidable message - reduce your noise.

The SoundAlert can be used alone to give a clear message to staff and visitors. The noise level is shown at all times and the bright LEDS show when the level is too high.

office, hospital and call centre noise
Office Noise Level Warning

An optional remote Noise Sign reading Staff Notice - Excessive Sound Levels is also available.

high office noise
Optional Remote Warning Sign

For hospitals and neonatal wards, strategically mounted Sound Alerts and Noise Signs reminds both staff and visitors to keep the noise levels down. Sound Alert devices and Noise Signs are usually mounted in the corridors as well as within the wards.

The SoundEar Noise Warning Sign is also very popular in hospitals and on neonatal wards.


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