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SoundEar 3 Advanced Industrial Noise Warning Sign

soundear 3 industrial noise warning sign
Industrial Noise Warning Sign


For long term monitoring of the noise levels in a factory, the SoundEar 3 Industrial stores the sound levels for download to a computer. The software is included with the noise sign and offers:

  • Display live results
  • Configure the noise sign
    • Trigger level and timings for each light
    • Data logging settings
    • Digital display settings
  • Download measurements
  • Plot graphs of the sound levels


The software is included with the SoundEar 3 Industrial at no extra charge and is designed for all recent versions of Windows. It communicates with the sign via the computer's USB port. Downloads and configuration can be carried out via a memory stick, so you don't have to take the sign down from the wall each time.

soundear software


Viewing Noise Measurements

Measurements that have been stored in the noise warning sign can be downloaded to a computer for analysis and reporting. Although you can connect the sign directly to a computer's USB port, it is usually more convenient to download via a USB memory stick, as you don't have to take the sign down from the wall or take the computer to the sign.

The SoundEar 3 will automatically transfer its measurements on to a memory stick that is plugged in. You then take the memory stick to a computer and load it into the SoundEar software. The image above shows the sound levels graphed over a 24 hour period.

You can also view the live sound levels by connecting the SoundEar 3 Industrial to the computer's USB port and running the SoundEar software.

Data Logging Settings

The SoundEar 3 Industrial stores noise measurements in its internal memory. You can configure it to store a minimal amount of information for longer, or to store everything for a shorter period of time. For example, storing the "A" Weighted Slow Sound Level every second will fill the internal memory in just over 90 days.

Not enough? You can configure the sign to store the measurements directly to a memory stick, giving almost limitless storage times.

Digital Display Settings

The SoundEar software can configure the sign's digital display to show:

  • Slow Sound Level dB(A)
  • LAeq 15 (fifteen minute average)
  • Alarm Level
  • Time
  • Nothing (the digital display will be off)

Although the default is to show the sound level, it can be useful to turn this off if it causes confusion (not everybody understands dB) or if it causes people to make noise to see how loud they are!

Trigger Settings

The software can be used to set the trigger levels and times for each of the green, yellow and red lights to come on. Much of this can be done using the keypad on the front of the sign, but it is much easier in the software.

For each light you can set:

  • Lit or Flashing
  • The levels between which it is lit/flashing
  • Trigger based on:
    • dB(A) Fast or dB(A) Slow
    • Leq15, Leq30 or Leq60 (15 minute, 30 minute or 60 minute average)
    • How long the sound should be exceeded before lighting (avoid lighting up at the slightest exceedance)
    • How long the light should stay on for

Analog Output

The SoundEar 3 has multiple outputs that can be used to link it in to other monitoring and control systems. The software is used to configure the noise sign outputs to either DC level (0 to 10V) or Current Loop (4-20mA). It also sets the minimum and maximum sound level, in dB, that is mapped on to the DC or current loop output.

dc or current loop output settings

Microphone Calibration

If you have a Sound Level Calibrator and need to ensure the accurate operation of the SoundEar 3 Industrial then the software deals with this. Connect the noise sign to the software, connect a microphone extension cable and fit the calibrator to the microphone. The software Microphone Calibration option will then deal with the process of checking and adjusting.


SoundEar 3 Noise Sign - Data Logging - Protection Symbol
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