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SoundEar V - Office Noise Warning

soundearv office and call centre noise

Computer Based Noise Warning

The SoundEar-V is a small sound level meter that plugs into a computer's USB port and reports the sound levels on the screen. When the level is too high a warning is displayed.

  • Call Center Noise Control
  • Open Plan Office Sound Levels
  • Remind staff to keep noise levels low
  • Improve the working environment

The SoundEar-V is usually supplied as a package that includes six SoundEar-V microphones with software and cabling. Additional packs of five microphones can be bought to expand the system.

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Noise in Call Centers

High noise levels in a call center makes communication difficult - in a business where communication is everything. Staff will speak louder to compensate, but this just adds to the problem. The SoundEar-V can be set up to discreetly remind the individual that they are being a little too loud.

Open Plan Office Noise

Noise problems in open plan offices can be dealt with using white noise generators to bring the background level up. This is a well established and very successful approach to easing the problem, but persuading people to keep their noise down can also be very beneficial. The SoundEar-V can do this without an office manager having to have a "quiet word".

Noise in Schools

Using a Windows based Digital Blackboard? In this case you can use the SoundEar-V, showing the pupils the current noise levels and automatically reminding them when they are getting a little rowdy!

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