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Monitoring Noisy Neighbors - Noise Nuisance Recorder

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Noise Nuisance Recorder

The Noise Nuisance Recorder is for anybody trying to monitor neighbor noise in line with the local ordinance, landlord, police or any other professional who is involved in dealing with noisy neighbors and other noise nuisance complaints. It records accurate noise measurements as well as the audio for use as evidence.

  • Noisy neighbors and other domestic noise nuisance
  • Monitor barking dogs, loud music, verbal abuse
  • Time saving and cost effective for intermittent noises
  • Audio recording by remote control or trigger level
  • Records acoustic parameters along with the audio records
  • Type 1 hand held sound level meter included - SVAN 957
  • One box, no tripod or microphone cable
noise nuisance recorder

The SV215 Noise Nuisance Recorder consists of a Type 1 Integrating Sound Level Meter - SVAN 957 - enclosed in a lockable case. In use, the whole case is situated in the complainants room and can continuously monitor the noise levels. When the complainant presses the button on the wireless remote control, the sound level meter also stores the audio signal for a period of time.

The measurements can be stored or transferred to a standard USB memory stick, so that they can be easily transferred to a computer. This also allows a hot-swap, in case you need to leave the recorder in place, taking just the data back to your office.

The audio record is stored by the meter along with the noise measurements, not in a separate device. As a result, the acoustic parameters and the audio recording are closely linked.

The noise levels throughout the monitoring period can be shown graphically. The periods with audio record are clearly indicated, allowing instant playback.

noise nuisance software

Although it has many different applications (as it contains a logging Type 1 Integrating Sound Level Meter), this recorder has been specifically designed for monitoring noise in a complainant's house. The accurate noise measurements are often needed in any legal proceedings. The audio record, which is closely associated with the noise measurements, is there so that you can be sure that any unacceptable noise levels were due to neighbors, dogs, music, machinery or any of the other common causes of complaint.




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